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Supported Camcorders

This list is based on user feedback. If your particular DV is not in the list, it means we have no information, so, please, don't ask us. Instead, if you really want to know, just try it with the Evaluation version of DVStreamer.

Another important point to note : the fact that some users have reported a particular type of DV as "not working" does not necessarily mean that yours will not work. The reverse is also true. A "working camera" might not work for your particular set-up. It all depends on the particular combination of PC, OS (and SP level), DirectX and other registered components, DV and operator's skills. So again, when in doubt, just try your DV with the Evaluation version of DVStreamer. 

Recent additions to the list : Sony DCR-PC105E, Sony DCR-PC120 (NTSC), JVC GR-DV3000ED, JVC DX95K, JVC GR-DVL557, Panasonic NV-GS15EG (PAL).

In general, it is difficult to predict if a particular camcorder works with DVStreamer. A good sign is compatibility with Adobe Premiere, if your DV is given as Full Support on Adobe's support site. Check the following URLs :  and You may also check Apple's iMovie compatibility on Apple's site

The following camcorders (and DV desk) have been reported as working correctly with DVStreamer (both versions) :

  • JVC HR-DVS3 (DV-Svhs deck)
  • JVC GR DVM-50 (NTSC)
  • JVC DVL100 (PAL)
  • JVC GR-DVL157*
  • JVC GR-DVX507a*
  • JVC GR-DVL557**
  • JVC GR-DV2000E (PAL)
  • JVC GR-DVA10
  • JVC GR-DV3000ED
  • JVC GR-DV4000 PAL
  • JVC GR-DX95K

* also reported as "not working"

** with ATN search disabled

  • Sharp VL-NZ155
  • Sharp VL-WD250
  • Sharp VL-WD450U (NTSC)


  • Canon MV30(i)
  • Canon MV150i (PAL)
  • Canon MV300i (PAL)
  • Canon MV430 *
  • Canon ZR70MC
  • Canon MV500i (PAL)**
  • Canon MV600i (PAL)**

* you have to prerecord the first minutes of the tape, would not work with a new blank tape

** in manual mode only

  • Panasonic NV-GS15EG (PAL)
  • Panasonic NV-DS88(a) (PAL)
  • Panasonic NV-GS50EG (PAL)
  • Panasonic NV DX 100 (DvIn enabled)
  • Panasonic PV-DV101D
  • Panasonic NV-DS35 (PAL) with DVIN


  • Sony DCR-PC1E (PAL)
  • Sony DCR-PC2E (PAL)
  • Sony DCR-PC8E
  • Sony TRV19E (PAL)
  • Sony DCR-TRV22
  • Sony TRV25
  • Sony TRV27E (PAL)
  • Sony TRV30
  • Sony DCR-TRV33
  • Sony DCR PC100 (PAL)
  • Sony DCR-PC105E
  • Sony DCR PC110 (PAL)
  • Sony DCR-TRV110 NTSC (Digital8)
  • Sony DCR-PC120E (PAL & NTSC)
  • Sony DCR-TRV230E (PAL)
  • Sony TRV240 (Digital8) (NTSC)
  • Sony DCR TRV-340E
  • Sony TRV-345
  • Sony TRV-530
  • Sony TRV730E
  • Sony DCR-TRV740
  • Sony DCR-TRV820
  • Sony TRV-900 (PAL)
  • Sony GVD-900 (NTSC)
  • Sony TR 7000 (Digital 8) (PAL)
  • Sony DSR-11 (DVCAM pro gear) (SP and DVcam recording only)


The following (mostly Panasonic) DV do work, but with limitations (ATN search not working, forcing a manual positioning of the tape, or worse, no external control) Quote : (....IEEE1394) "Device control does not work for recording back to tape. However, it is possible to record back to the Camera’s recorder by using the Remote Control."

  • Grundig DLC 10 (aka: Panasonic NV-DA1 EG aka: Metz CD34)
  • Panasonic PV DV102D (NTSC)
  • Panasonic NV-DS5 (PAL)
  • Panasonic NV DA1 EG
  • Panasonic dv-400
  • JVC DVL-367 (problem of tape control)
  • Sony Digital 8 DCR TRV 120E  (problem of tape control)
  • Canon zr-80

The following camcorders have been reported as not working with DVStreamer (but not 100% sure, because sometimes it is a simple question of disabling ATN search) :

  • JVC DVX7 ("error delivering buffer")
  • JVC GR-DVF11U (NTSC) ("error delivering buffer")
  • JVC GR-DVX507a*
  • JVC DVL367 ("error delivering buffer")
  • Panasonic NV-DS55 PAL ("error delivering buffer")
  • Panasonic NV-MX2000
  • JVC GR-DVL157* (dv-in enabled)
  • JVC mini-dv and VHS combo deck
  • Sony DVC Walkman GV-D900E PAL*, reported as providing unsatisfactory result (unreliable)

* was also reported previously as "working"  

If you would like to contribute to this list, please provide your input through the forum or by contacting us here

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