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DVStreamerPRO 2.3.2 (Evaluation) available for download

DVStreamer Basic and PRO versions

  1. Major features
  2. Prerequisites

New : you can install the registered version of DVStreamer on two PCs belonging to you.


DVStreamerBasic DVStreamerPRO

 Protected/unprotected mode

 Save and Verify


 Selectable error protection

 Incremental back-up


 Tape Spanning

  New (2.3.2)

 Batch mode

 Change video background


 Capacity (60min tape) protected/raw

8.7GB / 10GB 8.7GB / 10GB

 Capacity (60min tape LP mode) protected/raw

13.1GB / 15GB 13.1GB / 15GB

 Filename Restriction

No Restrictions* No Restrictions*

 File Size Limit

No restrictions** No Restrictions**

 Max Files per session

256 20 000

 Max Directories and folders per session

256 20 000

 PAL version

download evaluation (2.3.2) download evaluation (2.3.2)

 NTSC version

download evaluation (2.3.2) download evaluation (2.3.2)

 Current version (registered customers)

NA 2.3.2

 Price (US$)

NA contact us

 Price (Euro)

NA contact us

 Buy now (ShareIt)

contact us contact us

 Buy now (Paypal)

contact us contact us

*  Total length of  Path + Filename is limited to 235 Characters

** Only limited by Operating System/File System constraints (4GB on Windows98 and SE FAT)

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The DVStreamer family of products  provides basic functionality to save and restore files to/from digital video tape using DV or Digital8 video recorders connected to a PC through an IEEE1394 (Firewire) interface.

The recorded data, protected by an error detection and correction scheme, is inserted/extracted in the video stream transmitted/received to/from the VCR. For DVStreamerBasic and DVStreamerPRO 2.x Releases, the storage capacity is 8.7 GB on a one hour tape running at normal speed, and 13.1 GB using the LP mode, which gives normally quite good results. In the unprotected mode (available through the "More options" form), the capacity is 10GB at normal speed, and 15GB in LP mode.

DVStreamer products support NTSC and PAL video formats. NTSC is used in North-America, PAL in the rest of the world. There is a specific executable for each version. The two versions cannot be installed at the same time on any given PC as this would cause resources conflicts.

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Major features

Our products are "on-line" products which directly read the data files and insert (or extract) them in a live video stream sent to (received from) the camcorder.

Major features are :

  • All versions available as shareware with 30 days evaluation period, so you can fully test the product before purchasing it.
  • Windows98SE, ME, 2000, XP and 2003 Server support
  • Works with DV and Digital8 camcorders (with active DV-in)
  • Specific versions support NTSC or PAL standards
  • Store up to 10 GB of data (unprotected) on a one-hour DV tape in normal mode (15 GB in LP mode). In  protected mode, the capacity is  8.7GB and 13.1 GB (LP).
  • Save or restore multiple data files in one recording session.  
  • No file size limit (only limit is the tape length available and operating system limits i.e. 4GB for Windows98 FAT32)
  • Data is protected by error detection and correction scheme.
  • Easy to use "Save" and "Restore" functions with automatic start and stop of DV Camcorder (if it supports raw AC commands)
  • "Verify" function allows to check integrity of data file captured  without having to actually extract it
  • Incremental backup function allows to resave only updated files
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  • PC with MS WINDOWS 98SE, ME, 2000, XP or 2003 Server
  • Pentium3 500MHz minimum (750MHz or higher recommended)
  • 500MB free disk space
  • 128MB RAM
  • IEEE1394 interface (= Firewire or Ilink)
  • DirectX 8.1 or higher version
  • DV or Digital8 camcorder with active DV-in port
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