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DVStreamerPRO 2.3.2 (Evaluation) available for download

IMPORTANT NOTICE : running DVStreamerPro (registered version) on 64-bit Windows. See procedure here.
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Products   - Video

CamEagle 0.8 beta Video surveillance application Info Order  Download beta
DVCorrector 1.0 Correct brightness & colors of DV AVI clip without decompress /recompress Info Order  Download

Products   - Storage

  • Welcome to the DV Streamer site. We have developed tools that allow to save and retrieve data from PCs running Microsoft Windows to inexpensive video tapes, using DV or Digital8 camcorders. This is achieved by inserting the data into DV video frames, in a very specific way which ensures that data can be written and read without error from the camcorder tape. 

  • DVStreamerPRO, can save multiple files and folders/directories per session.

  • DVStreamerBasic  can save or restore up to 256 files  per recording/restore session. However, these files may be as large as the tape capacity and operating system allows (4GB for Windows98 or higher on NTFS systems). Also available for download from the Download page.

  • See products comparison hereOrder

If you own a DV (or Digital8) camcorder, and your PC is equipped with an IEEE 1394 port (also known as "Firewire" or "iLink"), it is possible* that you could save and retrieve data from your PC on video tapes, thanks to our groundbreaking technology. If you have already captured or uploaded video to your PC through a IEEE1394  digital link (not through an analog capture card), it is very likely* that  you could use our tools. The only thing you need is one of our easy-to-use products. 

A standard one-hour DV tape can hold up to 10 GB of (uncompressed) data in normal mode (15 GB in LP mode) in unprotected mode. In protected mode, the capacity is  8.7GB and 13.1GB (LP). This makes it the most  cost-effective solution for data storage available to you. More cost effective than cdrw drives, dvd drives, tape backup solutions, or zip drives. And remember :  you don't need to buy and install any expensive new drive because you already own your camcorder

* Some DV camcorders do not support the data insertion and extraction method used by DVStreamer. For this reason, it is vital that you test thoroughly if DVStreamer is suited to your particular environment.

Products   - Components

DVStreamer Filter DirectShow transform filter to insert/extract data from DV frame Info, sample, pricing on request (sales "at"

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