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CamEagle is a new type of surveillance application

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CamEagle is a new type of surveillance application. At the difference of the usual motion detection application available for webcams, CamEagle does not just detect motion. It detects underlying changes to the image from a reference set at the beginning of surveillance.

Therefore, CamEagle does tolerate some movement, but will raise an alarm if the monitored object disappears from the picture, or is masked for a predetermined duration. CamEagle will also react if something new appears in the picture for a duration exceeding the predetermined threshold, for example a box left on your doorsteps.

CamEagle is therefore especially geared to security applications, e.g. surveillance in shops, cars in parking lots, sensitive areas, etc.. CamEagle provides features that were so far only available in costly professional applications.

The current relase 0.8 is an early beta evaluation version, which includes only basic monitoring functions. Customization of alarms, recording and notifications is not available. The number of monitored zones is one (>10 in the final release).

Important : CamEagle 0.8 beta needs to connect to the dvstreamer.com web site on port 80 each time you launch it to retrieve its running key. Please make sure that your firewall will not block it.
Warning : this version may crash, or cause your computer to reboot. Use at your own risks.

Supported devices

CamEagle supports DirectX/DirectShow enabled webcams, capture cards and capture devices such as DV Camcorders connected through USB or Firewire/IEEE1394 cables.


  1. Select capture device using "Select Webcam" combo box.
  2. Using mouse left button, select (draw) zone to monitor by drawing a rectangle on the right hand image. At this time, movement detection becomes active. Changed areas appear in white on the picture.
  3. Increase sensitivity until measured change value reaches 2%-3% (red bar on left starts to move up).
  4. Decrease threshold to an appropriate value (typically 15%-20%).
  5. Reset the reference by pressing the Reset button. This does not erase the selection rectangle.
  6. You can reselect another rectangle by redrawing it.
  7. You can stop movement monitoring by single mouse left button click in the picture.

Modes of operation

CamEagle's normal mode of operation provides a good compromise between sensitivity and tolerance to ambient light short term fluctuations. There are two optional parameters that can be applied :
  • UltraHigh sensitivity : in this mode, CamEagle does a pixel-by-pixel comparison. This may prove unacceptably sensitive except in the most controlled environment (indoors, under artificial light).
  • Mask lighting changes : CamEagle does its changes detection based on shapes (borders).

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Credits : Developed in Delphi using the DSPack DirectShow component set available under the GPL at http://www.progdigy.com

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