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DVCorrector takes a video clip (NTSC or PAL DV AVI file) as an input, displays a histogram of the DC coefficients of the video frames (Y - brightness, Cr - red and Cb - blue) and allows to modify these coefficients by applying a simple translation to all coefficients of the frame. The resulting effect is a global brightness correction and/or color correction applied to the whole clip, without decompression/recompression, i.e. without introducing any quality loss.

DVCorrector input are exclusively AVI DV type 1 or 2 files. The output file is an AVI file of the same type as the input file, containing the either the full input file or a selected sequence within this file.

DVCorrector may also be used to fragment a large AVI file or to extract scenes from an AVI  file.

Functions :

  • Selection of input clip
  • Clip preview (Play, Pause, step by step - with or without playing audio), histogram display
  • Selection of correction to be applied (Y, Cr, Cb correction) with display of obtained effect
  • Audio correction : limited to decreasing the sound level
  • Selection of sequence to be processed (beginning, end)
  • Selection of output file
  • Processing of selected sequence
Installation : through install program                        Download DVCorrector  1.0
DVCorrector current version is 1.0 (bilingual : English and French).

DVCorrector 1.0 is Freeware. You can redistribute it freely. You should not modify, translate, reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble it.

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This application was build in Delphi 6 (BorlandTM)  using the DSPack component set which is available under MPL at http://www.progdigy.com

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